Youth Bowling Program

Short Season Youth Leagues

Riverside Lanes in Mount Vernon will be offering short season bowling leagues. These leagues are specifically geared for bowlers of all skill levels including beginners. Bowling’s unique handicap system allows bowlers of all skill levels to compete together for fun and friendly competition. Whether you want to watch your kids bowl or join in on the fun we’ve got you covered. Wednesday will offer a Home School Bowling League for all age groups and Monday will offer a youth/adult league for the entire family to have fun together! For questions or sign up, contact Riverside Lanes at 360-424-4221 or use the Sign Up buttons below to sign up online.

Youth/Adult League

Starts Monday April 8, 2019 Ends June 24th, 2019 6:15 pm Start Time Our Youth/Adult League is a family fun league for kids and adults of all ages (no bumpers) with teams consisting of 2 youth and 1 adult OR 1 youth and 2 adults. Don’t have a full team? We can help!

All Ages – No Bumpers $9.00 per week* (includes three games & shoes for youth)

*New members must purchase a membership fee of $10.00 valid through July 31, 2019

Home School Youth Bowling League

Starts Wednesday April 10th Ends June 5th, 2019 2:00 pm Start Time This is a short season league designed for all skill levels.

A weekly curriculum will be provided using bowling to teach math, science and physical fitness. This is a great way for kids to have fun learning while participating in an activity they enjoy.

All Ages $9.00 per week* (includes two games & shoes)

*New members must purchase a membership fee of $10.00 valid through July 31, 2019

Youth League Registration

or call Riverside Lanes at 360-424-4221